9 Industries that sees the Exponential Outstretch of Augmented Reality in 2019

The roaring success and growth of augmented reality have led to a massive possibility of outshining virtual reality. The kernel difference that strikes the user is that virtual reality is responsible for creating a fully virtual environment around a user, whereas augmented reality incorporates virtual objects into existing surroundings. This difference eminently stands out to be much more interactive and real.

Additionally, what potentially important to note here is that, in order to extract optimal fun out of the augmented reality technology one needs only a smartphone instead of bulky and expensive VR headsets. From this, the prospect of augmented reality apps outstretching in a wider area in various industries escalates automatically. Speaking in the context of current demand, startups owners are getting more inclined towards augmented reality for a business boom.

The Success Forecast of Augment Reality


The aspect of augmented reality coming closer to the common use of a smartphone user gets even more intensely possible with the release of iOS 11 and its ARKit.  As far as the android users are concerned, ARCore from Google makes augmented reality a sheer reality for them as well. A gigantic estimation of $215 billion is expected from the growth figures of augmented reality by the year 2021.

Although, the future growth in five-ten years cannot be yet predicted due to the unimaginable technological expansion. However, the present statistical data undoubtedly casts all the limelight on the forte of augmented reality in various business industries. The potential of AR is o huge and great that big technology companies and MNCs are investing generously with absolute confidence of recurring the maximum percentage of ROI.

In accordance to organize the developments in a simpler and cheaper way, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and other tech giants are constantly releasing and enhancing their AR kits. One by one, from gaming applications to medical industries, the validation and usage of AR can be seen widely. Below is a brief list of 12 industries where the outstretched existence of augmented reality seen to be reigning massively:

I) AR Dating Apps


Online dating counts as one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. People from all over the world counting in millions, look out for their love matches and new friends via the internet. Such a trending demand has been made more fun and accessible with online dating applications. The punch of augmented reality into these dating apps has made this trend immensely popular and unique. Two big names that come under this discussion are Badoo and Tinder. Imagine the enhanced potential it awaits to see with the implementation of augmented reality into dating apps.

II) Sports Apps


The Sports arena has always been passionate and filled with ecstatic enthusiasm. Sports lover and fans prefer to enjoy their favorite game either in stadiums or on their devices such as mobile screens, television, etc. The conjecture of augmented reality into the sports domain can be huge and sees the exponential growth in the revenues and popularity structures.

III) Data Visualization


The core use of visualization is pivotal in understanding analytics and statistics. The visual representation through the medium of augmented reality will enhance the understanding of pie charts, tables, and infographics. Rather than reading through pure numbers and statistical charts, the visual depiction of the data will undoubtedly be much more effective.

IV) Education


The impact of augmented reality has the maximum brunt in the education province. The possibility of a situation where teachers are lessoning students on historical events with the visualization of augmented reality will be simply a groundbreaking phenomenon. The entire concept of struggling through a boring and dull history class will be modified into a real-experiencing interesting learning session.

With the digitization component already ingraining in schools, the re-imagined possibilities of AR will have altogether a revolutionary impact on the learning experience for students.

V) Marketing


If the AR component is installed creatively in the marketing industry, a lot of possibilities opens up automatically. With this, the aspect of bringing more engagement and loyalty for brands and their products comes along mechanically. For example, a user with a smartphone can surf through his or her favorite shopping store, seeing the price and characteristics of the products, along with special offers and discounts. In this way, marketers can leverage more revenue and build a better customer base through the creative implementation of AR.

VI) Medicine


Coming right after the games application, medical apps are the second most popular kind of application for smartphones. Augmented reality records a lot of potential in the medical industry and it sees even heightened chances of scope once implemented. 3D image of an MRI can be shown by a doctor to the patients or can be further utilized in analyzing their movements.

VII) Maps & Tourism


Maps combined with an AR guide are capable to procure great experience in city exploration. Along with providing, more information on all places one wish to visit, it can also give you a real-lifetime experience. One of the most thriving places for AR in terms of tourism is Museums. The tell-tale experience shown to visitors by bringing items around almost life-like will help the visitors to incur massive thrill and excitement.

VIII) Landscaping


Landscaping can be a lot better with the implementation of augmented reality. To make things comprehensible, let’s take an example. Imagine you are putting virtual furniture into your apartment to analyze how it looks and figuring out how objects are placed before you build anything extra. One can also make measurements instead of using a tape measure, making the cost calculation of your work much easier.

IX) Teleconference Apps


As mentioned earlier, visualization is an integral part of any kind of project. The essential component of AR permits the user to see and analyze such visualizations from all angles.  To make everyone understand the subject matter in a better way, AR allows placing a prototype right on a boardroom table. This would enhance the interactions, and make it more productive and clear.

With constant expansion of technology, AR sees endless possibilities in countless industries. From e-commerce to social media, AR indeed sees an immense outstretch of dominance and supremacy. Padrea Tech understands this demand quite well and has innovatively flagged down its expertise in creating AR apps. To know more click here