The showstopper of the Year: iOS 12 at its best in 2018!

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2018 is running out, can you bet on knowing all the latest features in iOS 12? We bet no! After the launch of the most exciting and awaited iOS 12 in 2018 that has been filled with amazing features, the buzz of knowing them all is in the air. Standing at the edge of a completing year, we thought of bringing down to you all the features brimmed in the latest version of iOS 12. What is even more thrilling about this is that knowing the article further you would be able to decipher about the upcoming next-generation apps for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Seamlessly Fast

Apple’s iOS has always been for its unparallel user experience factors; performance and speed. iOS 12 continues to run the legacy and this time it has channeled its focus to speeding upon the things that user do every day. Whether you are launching the camera or typing on the interface, the enthralling instant pace at which they operate on the latest iOS 12 is simply breathtaking. To be talking in real statistical terms, 70% faster swipe to the camera, 50% faster keyboard display, and 2x faster app launch has been installed to in the new iOS 12. Such enhancements are sure to further improvise on the performance level of the device.

FaceTime Revolution

In the latest release of iOS 12, change in face Time is considered to one of the most optimal changes happened till date. With video and audio support of up to 32 people at once, Apple’s FaceTime has genuinely created a revolution of a kind. There are other interface features as well such as the tile of the person speaking gets larger automatically. Group FaceTime is now enabled right from a group thread in Messages at any time.

Stunning Camera Effects

Liven conversation feature is something you really cannot miss out to praise for. The easy addition of any personality or FaceTime to the messages can be now be done seamlessly on iOS 12 with the in-app camera. Stunning and vibrant cool filters are here too so that now creating videos or pictures become even more exciting than before. Keeping in mind the popularity of using various animated filters, the new, revolutionized iOS 12 camera comes with fun stickers, new animal emojis, animated text effects, memoji, and much more.

The Sublime Reality of Augmented Reality

An enhanced and immersive augmented experience through iOS 12 is what you are going to get the best on your new Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod. Sharing or sending AR objects through message & emails stand out to be a highly preeminent and incredible feature that enables multiple users to experience the sublime reality of augmented reality. Mounting up the aspect of augmented reality what further here noteworthy is that Apple’s AR app “Measure” posses the ability to acknowledge the real-world objects just by fixating the camera at them.

Notifications, Sorted!

The easy and smart management of notifications gets now all sorted with iOS 12. The efficient management of one’s notifications bar can now be accessed and organized in real time from the Lock screen. Now sending notifications from a specific app to Notification Center, or turning them off altogether gets as easy as a cakewalk. The improvised Do Not Disturb (DND) gets so much better with the automatic turn off option as soon as the event ends, which facilitates the users to acquire the optimal advantage from it. Adding as an extra bonus feature, Siri comments on intelligent suggestions about user’s alerts based on how they interact with them

Privacy Patrolling

Due to the strict policies of maintaining digital privacy, Apple takes the vouch for valuing the safety & security of its users and formulates sincere efforts to constrict any kinds of data breaches. Going beyond expectation bars, iOS 12 restricts Share buttons and Comment widgets on sites that might be tracking you without permission.

Screen Time Competence

The screen time feature on iOS 12 aims to provide the ultimate bench of safety & security to its users. The administrating authority of complete control has now been enabled in the hands of its users. This gets extremely helpful for parents who want to keep a tight watch on how their kids are using the device. Crafted as an advanced application, screen time endeavors in ensuring a superior understanding of the user’s behavior.

Best-Fitting Shortcuts

Shortcuts permit the users to efficiently reorganize all the tasks and facilitating this feature further is iOS 12 that is redefining the UX altogether. With the advanced iOS 12, paring your daily tasks with the third-party applications advocates correct shortcuts at the time you need them. Voice recognition is also enabled in running Shortcuts in the new iOS 12.

Photo Searching

Would you believe in the possibility of a unique way to find your photos faster? Well, with iOS 12 you have to! The revolutionizing operating system of iOS 12 smoothens the photo searching with the ‘Search Suggestions’ that includes moments, people, places making it easier to find the exact picture you want currently. Within the immediacy of a fraction of seconds, the smart search suggestion displays the images that are relatable to recent events, people, and places.

In conclusion, the new iOS 12 undoubtedly goes beyond the re-discoverable possibilities of a human mind and rivetingly it is even more enthralling to apprehend what’s more is awaiting for us in the coming future.