To Index or Not to Index? Unlock the power of Indexing Your Website on Google!

Creating a website is no more a cryptic-coded paradox. With a basic techie knowledge, one can easily develop a well-functioning website. But the million-dollar question here arises that, do you know how well is your website performing on Google? The motto of reaching your brand’s voice to multitude section of people will be in utter despondency once you know about the visibility scores of your website on Google.  

In order to fix your organic traffic and make it work in desired manners, you need to know about the power and utility of indexing on Google. If your website doesn’t show up on Google, organic traffic will not follow your website. Many individuals and organizations hire Best Software Solutions to enhance their brand’s visibility on various digital platforms. But the essential knowledge you need to have about Google indexing will benefit in assessing your website performance’s results.

Relaxing back and moving in a tortoise approach will stagnate your website growths and by the time you keep waiting for the results, meanwhile, other brand’s reaches on the first search page results already. Thus, in this lightening speed electronic age, no business can afford to sit back and relax and wait for the good results to walk up to them on a one fine day. So either you choose to slug behind or you can opt for acting fast and unlock the potentials of indexing your website on Google.

Why Indexing in the first place?

By now, decoding the answer for this cannot be any easier! Apart from the basic idea of ranking your website in top search page results, indexing has a much more in-depth insight for you to know.

The concept of website crawling becomes vital here. Little bits of computer code, commonly known as spiders are sent out by search engines to look for new stuff on the web and updates indexed versions of your site. The ‘new stuff’ can be an existing page, a new website, or alterations to an existing page. After spotting a new website, the spiders try to figure out what the website is all about.

Old school practices could force the spiders to make the website indexed by stuffing altering keywords of the same brand’s in meta tags and descriptions. Speaking in the context of today, you simply cannot rely on these optimization strategies. Unnecessary stuffing of keywords will never reach your desired search engine optimization results and instead can get you either penalized or put a scam label on our website.

Google these days have made indexing and SEO rules quite stricter to provide users with licit content and information. Therefore, without proper indexing, the spiders won’t be getting your website and hence your online visibility goes in darkness.

Now that is why indexing your website has become so important these days.

The Indexing Component

To make a website perform well on Google and enhance its visibility, you need a good spider crawl rate. Scoring a good crawl rate will further help you to get an effective index rate. In order to evaluate and manage these scores, primarily you need Google Search Console.

If you are new to search console, you have to first set up your account. After setting up your Google Search Console account, click on your website and then click on ‘crawl’ and know your statistics for how well is your website is crawling on Google.

Is your website indexed? Or it’s not? Know here how…

Before you proceed further, firstly you need to know that whether your website is already indexed or not. Unless you are a new website, the possibility of your website being already indexed is likely high. But, still why take a chance in this rigid era of competition.

The simplest way to find whether your website is indexed or not is by typing your domain’s name onto and initiate a Google search. If Google can identify your site and give results like the picture depicted below, your site is fortunately indexed on Google.

But if your website has not been indexed yet, then Google will give you results like the picture posted below:

Working with Google Search Console and Analytics

Once you are confirmed about the index status of your website, you have to initiate the further plans of actions with Google Analytics. To help your website remain constant on high visibility margins on Google search results page, you have to continuously optimize your website using comprehensive and licit ways of SEO along with cross-verifying performance details on Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

The Bottom Line

The dominance of an electronic age has made the business competition even more cut-throat. The constant speeding up in the race has become indispensable for one and all. It would be riveting for you to know that even big brands who already enjoys a lion’s share of the market have to also constantly keep their online visibility on a check to retain their supreme positions.

Any lack of optimization in their online presence will make an available space for the second best competing brand to claim the opportunity. Thus, boost your website presence on Google with the valuable input of indexing. As the leader said,

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is” – Chris Anderson